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CalWest Caulking Company Ltd. is pleased to offer the following services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential projects:

Fire Protection:

Firestop & Smokeseals


Kitchen Exhaust Ducts

Ventilation Systems

Low Voltage Conductors

Fuel Lines

Endothermic Wraps

Photoluminescent Markings

New Testing Innovations


Interior & Exterior Caulking

Swingstage Caulking

Finish Caulking

Security Caulking

Food & Health Services Caulking

Floor Joints

Caulking Restoration

Precast Projects

Bridge Caulking

Water Reservoirs

Storm Ducts

Color Selection Advising




For Fire Protection & Caulking Information and Estimates contact:

Kofi Akomeah
Phone:  (403) 250-7116